Segment Two - Training Session with an Instructor

The Segment Two part of the Alliance Training Program consists of a one-day "live or face-to-face" practical session taught by a trained instructor. You must register for this course directly with the instructor and provide them with a copy of your Internet course completion Email to show that you have completed the Segment One Internet course.

Course Content - In the Segment Two class you will review the principles of HACCP, the FDA regulation, and the FDA Hazards Guide. You will also work in groups to conduct a Hazard Analysis and develop a HACCP plan for a model seafood business given to you by the instructor. You will be able to ask questions, get assistance, and apply what you've learned in the Internet course. To receive the Certificate of Course Completion from AFDO, you must complete the Segment One Internet course before the Segment Two class.

Check the Course Schedule - Segment two classes are conducted periodically around the country by Alliance trained individuals. In many parts of the country these courses may only be scheduled to meet demand. You cannot assume that a Segment Two course will be available when you want it. You can check the list of currently scheduled courses at any time. To see a list of currently scheduled Segment Two and other Alliance courses click here. If you do not see a course scheduled in your area, it is a good idea to contact an Alliance instructor in you state or region to let them know that you need Segment Two training. You can use the Seafood HACCP Trainers Directory to locate and contact instructors who are qualified by the National Seafood HACCP Alliance to conduct Segment Two courses in your state or in various regions of the U.S. To go the Seafood HACCP Trainers Directory click here.

AFDO Certificate - Together, the two Segments provide participants with adequate information to develop their firm's HACCP plan. Those who complete both Segments are eligible for a "Certificate of Course Completion" from AFDO. This certificate provides evidence that the individual meets the training requirement of the FDA Seafood HACCP regulation.

Please print this page and refer to it later if you have questions about how the Internet course works.