Segment One - Internet Training Course

Course Content - The Internet course consists of twelve Modules that explain seafood safety hazards, pre-requisite programs, the seven principles of HACCP, the FDA Seafood HACCP regulation, and the FDA Guidance materials available to help you develop a HACCP plan. The Internet course covers all of the information presented in the first two days of the "live" three-day Alliance Training program.

Registration - You can register online for the Internet course at this site and pay the $75 course fee by credit card. Your payment will be processed via our secure credit card processing service. Your credit card statement will indicate a $75 payment to Cornell University Business Services, and you will receive an Email confirmation of payment when the transaction is processed. You can also register for the Internet course by mail and pay the course fee by check or money order.

Get Enrolled - Your registration form and payment receipt are sent to our course mailbox at Our course managers must then enroll you in the Seafood HACCP course. An Email will be sent to the address provided on your registration form with the Website address, a Username and Password and instructions describing how to Login to this course at the Blackboard Course Sites system. This is a manual process that must be conducted by a course manager during business hours (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Time) on Monday through Friday. Once you receive this Email with your Username and Password, you can Login to the course site and work on the course materials at any time from any location.

Email is Needed - All communications related to the Seafood HACCP Internet course will occur via Email, so you will need a valid Email address before you can start. Be sure that your Email address is correctly typed on the online registration form or typed or clearly printed on the mailed in registration form. You may also need to enable your Email system to accept messages from Some systems move unknown messages to Spam, Junk or Trash mailboxes or refuse delivery unless you approve or enter the Email addresses that you deem acceptable into your address book.

Six Month Registration Period - Your registration will be valid for 6 months from the date that you register. If you do not complete the course in 6 months, you will be required to register again. You can Login to the course site and work on the course Modules at any time during this 6-month period. 

Internet Course Completion Notice - Your progress through the Internet course will be automatically tracked by the Blackboard system. When you have submitted the answers to the questions for each of the 12 course modules, a final Email with the Subject Line: Course Completion Notice will be sent to the Email address that you provided on your registration form. This Email will serve as your notice that you have completed the Seafood HACCP Alliance Internet training course, and is your "ticket" to a Segment Two “live” one-day training course, if desired. Generation of the Course Completion Email is a manual process that must be conducted by a course manager during business hours (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Time) on Monday through Friday. No Course Completion Emails are sent on the weekend. You should plan to complete the Internet course at least 2 to 3 days before the Segment Two course that you plan to attend to ensure that that you will have your Course Completion Notice Email letter to present to the Segment Two instructor.

Training Options - The Internet course can be taken alone without attending a Segment Two course, if an AFDO certificate of course completion is not needed. For firms that already have employees who have this certificate and/or meet the training requirements of the FDA regulation, the Internet course may be an effective option for more of their employees to get basic training on HACCP principles and their application to seafood products.