The Seafood HACCP Alliance Internet training course was developed to provide an alternative way for individuals from the seafood industry and regulatory community to get training on the application of HACCP principles to seafood products when they need it.

The Alliance Internet course is available in English and Spanish. Once enrolled and you enter the course on CourseSites you can select your language on the main page or by scrolling down to the Spanish modules on the navigation panel to the left of the screen. The Internet course was updated in September of 2017 to be consistent with the latest FDA guidance.

Before you register for this course, please read the background information on this site to help you understand how the course is structured and what options will work best for you. Please read through each of the topics below before you submit your registration. You will only need to read through this material once.

Start by clicking on the first topic in the list below. Click on the "Next" button at the top of your screen to move on to each new page.

1. The Seafood HACCP Alliance Training Program and FDA's Regulation

2. How the Internet Course Works

Course Structure

Segment One: Internet Training Course

Segment Two: Practical Training Session

3. Items to Consider Before You Start

Minimum Computer Requirements

Training Manuals

Course Options to Facilitate Training

Course Fees and Other Costs

4. Using the Course Site Map

5. About the Seafood HACCP Alliance

6. Acknowledgments

7. Registration (Click Here to Register)